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Dual-SIM Samsung Galaxy Note8 currently going for $820 in US

If you are a Samsung fan in the US, and are in the market for dual-SIM flagship smartphone, you might want to checkout the deal eBay seller never-msrp is offering on the Galaxy Note8: unlocked, Exynos-powered model for $819.99.

Samsung isn't officially selling the dual-SIM Galaxy Note8 in the US currently, but it's been on sale through eBay for quite some time now. Last we heard, the model was being offered for close to $900, so at $820, it's quite a deal.

As already mentioned, the variant on offer is the international model (as it's not Snapdragon powered), and works only with GSM networks. Available color options include Gold, Gray, and Pink. For more information, head to the Source link below.

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