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Some Samsung Galaxy Note8 users are experiencing freezing issues with their unit

After Google's new Pixel 2 smartphone, it has now come to light that Samsung's latest flagship - Galaxy Note8 - is also experiencing major problems. A large number of users at Samsung's official forums are complaining that their units are freezing in different use-cases.

The most common use-case affected users are reporting is that the freeze occurs while accessing the contacts app - both directly or indirectly (like, while making a call or accessing the Phone or Messenger apps).

Once the $1,000 device freezes, it becomes unresponsive to the level that you have to do a force restart, or let the phone's battery drain completely (which is again, effectively, a restart).

The problem doesn't seem to be limited to an particular region/country, as users from the US as well as Europe are facing it. Samsung is yet to offer an official statement on the matter.

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